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Have you found your NICHE?

Commit to a Niche | Cultivate Web Design | Harvest Your Online Potential

Standing on the top of a mountain
megaphone in hand
you are spruiking to the masses about your brand.

For a moment everyone stops, but only a moment. Then the momentary quiet erupts with everyone going back to what they were originally doing, without a thought or memory about anything you said through your loudspeaker.

Ah, the noise of appealing to the masses, with the belief you can sell your product or service to the world as one group, without thought or care about what people need.

This is the insensitivity of trying to be something to everyone, you totally miss those who truly need you, mainly because you grouped everyone together.

Your product or service is special, and you have made a considered decision to provide this, as a business. Yes, to make money, yes to help someone, yes to fill a gap, yes because you saw the opportunity. Whatever your reason, you started your business, regardless of why.

But in order to serve, in order to succeed, in order to generate the money you have forecasted, you need to sell to those who need you. Your customers, who perhaps don’t even know you exist, or that they even need you in the first place, want to connect with you, relate to you, and be engaged with you and your brand.

When you preach to the masses you are bypassing those who are waiting for you because you haven’t spoken directly to them. They cannot hear you over the white noise of every other brand. They don’t feel special, they don’t feel understood.

Committing to a niche means committing to your business, committing to your brand.

It’s worth finding that niche, the rewards are numerous, financially of course but more importantly solving the pain, frustration, and need of those who will really appreciate your product or service.

It’s a feel-good combination and you will be heard.

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