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Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration. Jeffrey Zeldman

Looking pretty online is not enough. Design alone, without considering your content and the voice of your business, can leave your customers in the dark.

You can have all the prettiness, colours and pictures in the world, but unless you get the content matching your brand’s vision, mission and goals the message can fall on deaf ears.

Your business has a story, your brand wants to be heard, and you have a solution to your customer’s pain, frustration and need. Good content is imperative.

If your content is lacking, your message is diluted, and as an industry expert your brand isn’t conveying the information to your customers, they won’t commit; they won’t join your community. If they don’t understand your business or feel a connection to you, then your customers cannot relate to your brand, they can’t see how you can help them.

Take the time to put as much energy into your content as you do into your colours, logo and images. Be conscious of writing in the same voice consistently; throughout your website, be it your blog, social media, about us, advertising and your call to action.

Remember, you are building a relationship with your clients, new and existing. Talk to them so they understand, so they relate, so they can see how you are here to help them.

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