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Running your own small business, being an entrepreneur, means the roles you play are wide and varied, your time is often stretched, your skill set taken to its limits… and the first thing that usually comes to mind is… I need to learn how to do this.

But stop! It’s not.

Instead of learning how to do everything yourself, stretching yourself further, and putting pressure on your business, there are many other options to consider. You do not have to be all and everything in your business.






The effort and time you take to learn something new, which you may or may not be good at, or more importantly not enjoy, means you are not working on your business, focusing on the areas that generate clients, sales, and income.

When you step aside from needing/wanting to do it all and bring in the energy of an individual or group who you can outsource to, hire, delegate, collaborate or partner with you immediately relieve the pressure on you.

There are many benefits that come with bringing someone into your business, not to mention that outsiders can often see things you cannot.


of Taking your Business Hire (Higher)

Mind Map | Outsource | Hire | Delegate | Collaborate | Partner | Cultivate Web Design

The best way to approach this is to identify areas which:

  • are not getting the attention they deserve or need
  • are your weakness
  • you don’t get time to do
  • you don’t enjoy
  • you need to promote more
  • you know would take your business to the next level but you don’t know how to do or where to start
  • you know you could create cost savings
  • your staff need extra support

The above list is only a sample of areas you may identify. It may also be a good idea to ask staff and other stakeholders in your business for their feedback and thoughts.

Once you have highlighted areas where you could use an extra pair of hands or more you need to decide whether each area requires a permanent fix or a temporary or contract period. A temporary fix might be seasonal, at a particular time of year such as the end of the financial year, stock take or to introduce a new product or service.

If you know your business could benefit from extra support, or you need assistance identifying areas in your business then get in touch. I love to strategise with business owners to create more time, flexibility, cost savings, clients, and overall income generation.

Let’s chat today and see where I can help you.