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Mapping your customer journey when they visit your website is not one trip, A to B destination. Every time your customers visit your site it’s a new experience.

Planning your customer’s engagement with your website starts with their first visit. This is where they get an initial understanding, feeling, and energy of your business and your brand.

This is your opportunity to strike with a strong call to action, to ensure your message and your vision are clearly understood and it’s where you take the chance to guide the new customer through the website.

Start by asking:

What do you want your new customer to do?

Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter, how about downloading a free resource, shop what’s new, or maybe make a booking with you?

Then ask:

How do you want them to feel?

Do you want them to feel part of your community and tribe, do you want them to want to learn more about your brand, do you want them to feel valued, and do you want them to feel enthusiastic and understood?

Remember, this is the first time they have seen you online.

Now think about the next time they stop by, then the next, and the next after that. It’s not going to be the same as the first visit. If you have your vision clear the customer already knows who you are, already feels part of your brand and community, and perhaps has already purchased or used your services.

So now, what is this next stage of the journey about?

Think about this – your customer will have changed. Your customer is not the same person who stopped by the first time, they will have developed likes and dislikes, and hopefully, your relationship with them has changed and grown.

We cannot work in the ‘single frame’ the first time is the same every time. We want the customer to be immersed in your brand, we want to keep sharing your products and services with them and we want them to continue to engage with you.

This is mapping your customer journey.

This is the journey and this is the relationship.

Talk to us if you need help mapping your customer journey.

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