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Everybody loves fresh fruit and vegetables. Biting into a crunchy juicy apple, picked right off the tree. Everybody equally loves fresh content, fresh videos and fresh images to sink their teeth into. Cause of course you are an industry expert in your field and they want to know all about you, what you have to say, how you can help them ease a pain, frustration or need. The more you talk to your clients the more they understand and trust you, because they relate to you, they feel something.Imagine physically catching up with clients, colleagues, friends and acquaintances and having nothing new to say, no news, nothing of any interest. They aren’t really going to be engaged with you are they? Your website is the same, your blog is the same and your social media is the same. People won’t hang around when there’s nothing going on.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this does require clarification. Not all content, video and imagery is good, remember the old saying, ‘if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all’. Let’s flip that around and make it ‘if you don’t have anything worthwhile, informational, or relevant, don’t say anything at all’.

You cannot go far wrong if you put yourself in the shoes of your clients, potential clients, website visitors and followers on social media. Think about what they want to know, how will your product or service, information or video help them. They are looking to you for a solution, to feel good, to move forward, to make a worthwhile transaction with you. And that’s exactly what you want too!

Okay, so now that we’ve established this, there’s another aspect to ‘keeping it fresh’, and this is commitment. Commitment to providing this beautiful bounty of content, video and images consistently. Being sporadic, drifting off into the abyss without so much as a see you soon will certainly have your followers drifting off too. Getting together a schedule and outline of ‘keeping it fresh’ content is the best way to go, this way when you do get distracted and off focus you still have something to say, something to add.

Nothing reeks more of desperation than sitting in front of the computer struggling to find something inspirational to say when more important aspects of your business are calling you. Working like this also means your bushel of apples is a mixed bag, translating to a mixed message.

The upshot is this:

  • Keeping it fresh is seriously important and an imperative part of your online presence
  • Your level of commitment is key, and you have to be honest here
  • Creating a schedule and outline for 3, 6 or 12 months in advance is going to be invaluable to your business and your productivity
  • All of the above will not only keep your followers engaged but builds your profile and your position as an industry expert, and you want that right!

We’ve put together a handy resource for you called our ‘Keeping it Fresh’ Content Planner and Workbook.

Keeping It Fresh

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