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You are an industry leader, your content is fresh and up to date, you have information and knowledge to share… so are you providing links in the chain?

Among your content should be links. If for nothing else other than SEO, your website should feature two types of links.

The first links are internal, scattered through out your content and products or services. These links take your clients or prospective ones, on a journey in and around your website. This journey is not without focus, it’s a pathway of your call to action, it’s exactly where you want your visitors to traverse. It’s a way of linking content to sales, knowledge to products and services.

Now don’t go crazy, this, as with all website content, needs to be measured and with purpose. Make it a natural progression, one that a visitor might make anyway, but you are the tour guide.

The second type of link is an external one, it takes your visitors outside of your website. As an industry leader you have more information to share, yes? There might be reviews for your products or services, it might be additional industry expertise, this should reinforce your business position in the marketplace.

It might also be straight from your portfolio of clientele, showing samples and/or examples of your work.

However, I should stop and emphasise a point here, where you can, ensure the links open in a brand new tab. That way the client or visitor can review the information from the link and still pop back to your site. It’s not difficult to start aimlessly wandering the internet from link to link and forget where you started, or worse yet, not go back to the original source – and that’s YOU!

As we start the New Year it’s a good time to review and revise, to ensure your website represents the goals you have set for your business for 2019. Map out your calls to action matching your goals and check out how the links work on your site.

Need help with links, or anything else, please get in touch, we’d love to help you Harvest Your Online Potential.

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