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Rachelle Black, owner of Blaq Property, is your property expert when it comes to buying off-the-plan, whether you are a first home buyer, owner occupier or investor.

Rachelle has extensive experience in the real estate industry and has a wealth of knowledge, along with a wide range of developers and builders on the East coast of Australia who supply off-the-plan turn-key properties.

Buying off-the-plan is not limited to house and land, it extends to duplexes, units, townhouses and apartments.

Purchasing a property, especially prior to completion, can be a daunting exercise however Rachelle has a FREE 8 STEP Off-The-Plan Property Buyer’s Guide to ensure a seamless process. You can access the guide here.

The Brief:

Rachelle had originally set up a Wix website, however, it was clunky, not modern, and didn’t have the call to action and easy to access information which was required.

The brief was to create a new online space for Blaq Property using WordPress. There was a large amount of information to include, which meant each page had to have design elements, images and calls to action to divide up the text content and make the pages engaging.

Rachelle required online chat facilities, call to action pop up options, a seamless, flowing journey for clients and all the information needed for any buyer to access when buying off-the-plan.

Social media links and feeds, along with a strong database collection process was imperative. Because the property industry is an ever-changing space, current Facebook feed information keeps clients up to date, and Rachelle is always editing content, particularly in relation to Australian Government grants, so editing easily was also important.

The end result is a clean, modern, on-trend, and on-brand website. Colours, fonts, and images were carefully considered in the design process. Blaq Property is an industry specialist and it shows in their online space.

If you are looking at purchasing off-the-plan and don’t know where to start you can book in a consult with Rachelle here., alternatively you can contact Blaq Property via their contact form.