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The Project:

Family Law in Canberra had an old, tired, outdated website, with over 50 pages, making the client journey, in such a sensitive field of law, difficult to navigate. The content was scattered through the site without any cohesion and often doubled up.

Being specialists in their field, and providing a much-needed service to clients, with a range of free and paid contact points, it was important to bring it all together and improve the layout.

The team at Family Law in Canberra are amazing, friendly and dedicated to the service they provide. The revamp of their site was a pleasure and an honour to carry out.

If you or someone you know find themselves in a situation where you require legal advice regarding separation, divorce, parenting orders or property, then get in contact with Family Law in Canberra.

The Brief:

The first stage was to take the outdated site, reduce the number of pages, condense and reorganise the existing content and improve the client journey. Fresh images were added, and the team and about pages were updated, as were the service pages.

It was important to incorporate the three methods of contact and enquiry for clients to access information and legal advice and make the process clear.

The end result is a clean, fresh website, containing all the relevant information, and the creation of an informative, accessible site for those who are seeking the much-needed law service. After all, separation is an emotional, sometimes lengthy journey, and it makes it better when you find a company like Family Law in Canberra to walk by your side.

It was a pleasure working with the team at Family Law in Canberra.

It's all going to be okay

Family Law in Canberra
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