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Showcases the latest property sales and market news for Gold Coast Property

Michael Boersen started GC Property Prices to provide up to date, relevant property sale and market news to clients selling and buying real estate on the Gold Coast.

Keeping clients advised of latest trends, through both the website and Facebook means GC Property Prices plays an important role in the Gold Coast market.

If you are considering selling your Gold Coast property you can request a FREE customised property report direct from the website to your inbox.

The Brief:

Michael set up the initial website using a website builder through a hosting party, however the requirements for flexible form layouts proved too difficult to set up and so we moved the whole layout and design over to WordPress.

We also changed the hosting company which supplies a free SSL certificate, daily back ups and at a much cheaper annual cost.

From there we were able to create custom fields for the property forms and the contact form, along with a newsletter subscription facility and database collection within WordPress and no need to use a CRM account.

Social Media was also an important and integral part of GC Property Prices business model so an up to date Facebook feed was added to the home page, complete with thumbnail images and a Latest Sales tab was added to the navigation menu as a custom link straight to the Facebook page.

Whether you are buying or selling property on the Gold Coast you need to get in touch with GC Property Prices to have the latest information and market news.

You can contact Michael here, or request your FREE customised property report here.