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Naturally Radiant is all about you! Who is Naturally Radiant?

She is wise. She is earthy. She’s a deep thinker and cares greatly about things. She is compassionate, she is kind. She never rushes into things and really takes her time. She is conscious. She loves animals and all things mother nature and energy. She is Naturally Radiant. She is you.

Tammy Rice is the founder of Naturally Radiant and she sources the most natural products that are free from harmful chemicals and toxins.

We would love you to drop by and visit Naturally Radiant.


The Naturally Radiant website was designed some time ago and was very out dated and clumsy for the client to use. It was heavily coded and the client was unable to update or add anything herself. Not only was this limiting for the business in being able to communicate with their customers, it was also visually unappealing, and the content and e-Commerce store was in need of a makeover.

The result has been a clean, fresh, informative and modern layout; easy to use by client and customer alike. The store is now in an attractive setting and the client is able to update and add content and images as required.