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Sarina Thompson is a local Gold Coast Children’s Author who writes beautiful, whimsical stories written from the heart of her inner child for your child. The brief was to create and design an easy to use blog page for her existing website.

Sarina believes in encouraging our little ones to speak, ask questions, give real answers, be honest and encourage our children to read.

Sarina feels her heart open, and her mind expands with knowledge every time she picks up a new book to read to her beautiful children, and she hopes you and your little one feel the same when you open her books too…

Her latest book – Sapaboot ate my Boot is a gorgeous tale of a mischievous bat who flies around town creating a scene, eating everything insight. From Mrs Powers flowers, to Mr Blacks hats….He just loves to MUNCH, MUNCH, MUNCH!

Along with writing children’s stories Sarina wanted an easier way to communicate with her followers, so we created a blog website, linked to her main website to enable Sarina to converse and interact with her community.

Now, without having to spend time managing her website, Sarina has time to concentrate on the joy she finds in writing.

It was a pleasure working with Sarina, pop over to her blog site and be part of her lovely community.

Sarina Thompson Blog