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Are You Responsive? – Responsive Design

No I don’t mean you in particular – I mean your website.

Is your website responsive? Can your visitors easily and seamlessly travel between their devices and still have the same experience?

So many more people are initially searching, shopping and enquiring on their mobile devices before moving to their laptop or desktop to complete a transaction, decide on a service or product or to simply choose to become part of your community.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design means all web pages in your site render well on a variety of devices and screen sizes. There is a fluidity between content, images, forms and the overall layout.

The days of having a website created and designed for a desktop and then another separate site for a mobile device are gone. Your SEO will hurt from this arrangement which means your business hurts too. Not to mention the fact that in 2015 Google announced it had started to boost the ratings of sites that were mobile friendly if the search was made from a mobile device. (Thanks Wikipedia)

There really is nothing worse than quickly searching on Google, finding a site, clicking on the link only to find a miniature version of the desktop website shrunk in the top left hand corner of your mobile screen. The only way to even read the homepage is to expand your screen view. The whole experience is lost and no doubt sends the visitor quickly away to find another site who allows the user to scroll down the homepage with ease. Your website and web pages should look good on any device!

Check out Your Website!

So now grab a few different sized devices and load up your website. What’s the outcome? How was your experience? It certainly pays to check in every now and then on your own site, stepping into the shoes of your potential clients and raving fans. We are more than happy to have a look at your existing site and see what needs to be done to revamp and create a responsive design and layout for your business.

And if you don’t have a site, rest easy, here at Cultivate Web Design we ensure your website flows gracefully between different devices and screen sizes so your clients can relax and enjoy being part of your online community.

Whether you are after a new site or a revamp on your existing one get in touch with us today and get the ball rolling. Don’t forget we offer a FREE 30 minute Website Strategy Session to ensure you get exactly what you are after for your business.


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