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Have You Got Your CTA’s in Hand?

CTA’s I hear you say! What is a CTA? And how do I know if I have mine in hand?

A CTA is a Call to Action, it’s the words, phrases and messages which prompt your clients and potential customers to take an action; click an offer, subscribe to your community or make a purchase. In fact it’s anything at all where you want your website visitors to do something.

Look at it this way, anything you promote, advertise, mention, talk about or demonstrate where you don’t guide your clients and potential customers to act, engage, buy or contact you is actually a waste of time.

Customers are looking for guidance; they are looking to you, as an expert in your field to solve their problem, provide a solution, ease a pain or frustration and respond to a need.

And from your prospective, as an active business owner you need to, and should be, maximising all content and images you add to your website. Providing a foot path, with clear signage for all to see, ensures a successful result for your business and ultimately your bottom line.

In your business plan and marketing campaign there is an end result desired. Whether it’s numbers sold, bums on seats, information downloaded, databases built, or profits increased, it all happens when your customers follow your direction.

The key to a productive call to action is immediate response; it’s right now, as the customer visits, as the first step, before they click away. They have to connect, feel the vibe, know it’s what they are after, or even if they don’t at least it’s the beginning of the journey with your business and what you have to offer.

Of course part of this is to know who you are talking to, and have confidence the connection between your product and services is the right fit for your target market.

Cultivate Web Design | Harvest Your Online Potential | CTA flow

A great way to prepare your call to action is to create a flow chart; set up the pathways, know the steps and direction from the very first point of contact, right through to the end outcome you are seeking.

It’s important to structure the call to action pathway so much so that the customer is not distracted by anything else bright and shiny before they act or commit.

Cultivate Web Design | Harvest Your Online Potential | CTAs Pathway

Now you might have small calls to action to introduce your visitors along the way, with lower price or FREE entry points, slowly building up to a larger return on investment. You might have a separate call to action for those already engaged with your business to place the high price point, larger investment product or service in front of them, knowing they are already in, but hadn’t committed yet.

Whichever way you go you need movement, your call to action should have fluidity, flow, relevant segways from one place to the next.

Cultivate Web Design | Harvest Your Online Potential | CTA Three Steps

There are three steps to a call to action:

  • views of the call to action – whether it be on your website, social media or in an email
  • clicks to your landing page, contact form, questionnaire; whatever you have created to provide the information
  • actual submissions by potential clients to become a lead

And once you have a call to action in place, what then?

Then you need to measure.

  • Are you getting a response?
  • What was your goal for the call to action and have you achieved it?
  • Are the results better than you anticipated, or are you not securing the commitment?

Mind you, there needs to be a substantial amount of time to measure a call to action, this will not happen in a week. A call to action needs to sit in place for a little longer to really gauge it’s validity, but don’t wait six months. You can try creating two different versions of the one call to action, then measure which one was more successful.

This process can be fun. Be creative with your plans, set the wheels in motion and add some colour to your client interaction. Just don’t let the opportunity pass you by to make the most of the exposure you have in front of your potential and existing clients, their time is valuable as is yours!

I’d love to know what call to action you currently have for your business! What successes are you having? Are you happy with your results?

Send us a message here – we love to hear from you.

And if you need help with your call to action then get in touch too. We’re here to help you Harvest Your Online Potential!

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