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Are you Plugged In?

The lights are flickering, the radio comes on and off, your phone won’t quite charge…

And then you realise the plug isn’t quite all the way into the socket… it’s only receiving some of the power and only realising some of the potential of the light, the radio and the phone.

As soon as you plug the cord all the way into the socket the lights come on, the radio works without sound coming in and out and the phone is charging baby, just like you need it to.

Your WordPress website is exactly the same, you have it all set up, it looks finished, images are there, you’ve written up the content, however something is missing, the forms on the contact page aren’t working properly, you can’t gauge if the site is set up for SEO, the images moving across the screen aren’t the right size and aren’t sliding as you want them. It’s awkward to add and edit content, to change the colours or the fonts. But it’s more than that, you want to add bookings for events, you need to survey your customers, you want to add a calendar… but how?

All of this is because your site isn’t plugged in!

Let me explain.

WordPress websites and the way they work, can be enhanced, can be adapted, can be maximised by the use of plugins. Plugins are separately designed software components which can be added to your WordPress to expand and enhance the capability of your website. And can I tell you, there are thousands of amazing plugins out there!

You can add plugins for:

  • event bookings and scheduling
  • image upload, gallery and sliders
  • create pop ups and call to action capabilities
  • subscription integrations to build databases
  • contact forms for almost anything
  • eCommerce/shopping cart facilities
  • reviews of your products or services
  • interactive images
  • affiliate programs
  • referral programs
  • Google Analytics, SEO
  • Surveys
  • Testimonials
  • Portfolios

The list really is endless… you only need to ask, ‘I wish I could do this on my site, or how does that other site achieve that’?

The purpose of your website is to be productive, purposeful, provide information, create a database or to ultimately sell your product or service. With the use of plugins, you can create an amazing platform for your business to achieve all those things and more.

So if you feel like your website is lacking spark, isn’t functioning how you would like it to be, perhaps missing ways to capture your audience, provide information or funnel your customers into purchasing your product or service, then we can help you! We can also maintain, update and back up your website and your plugins.

It’s all about Harvest Your Online Potential! So get plugged in!

Get in touch here.