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Welcome to Cultivate Web Design, my name is Sandy and I have been in both small business and corporate and to be honest small business will win hands down every time… HOWEVER… you have to make it work and you have to work at it.

I remember a mentor years ago saying to me “You have to work on your business, not in it”, and it truly is the best and most valuable piece of advice I have been given. It is so easy to be swamped with the day to day workings of your business you simply forget to look from the outside and set goals and directions for where you want to be, the type of customers you are looking for and expansion and income generating opportunities.

One huge part of business these days is your online presence… having a website expands your businesses reach and enables you to talk to your community anytime anywhere… You can sell your products and/or services, you can provide information about your business and you can keep your clients up to date.

Your website has to be device responsive – that is does your site look good on all devices? It should look as good on a mobile or tablet as it does on a desktop. Remember it’s the experience we are creating for your visitors, each and every time they stop by.

I am so passionate about this and I have been working with the WordPress platform for some years now. Cultivate Web Design came about simply because I love seeing a business come alive online. Working with WordPress I love the flexibility and options which are available; and I love, love, love tailoring a site specifically to each business. Your website has to reflect your business model, what do you want to portray in the marketplace? Who are you talking to?

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