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SydneySide Valuations is owned and operated by Anthony Sklavos, who is an expert in his industry. Sydneyside Valuations provides advice and consultation in the areas of Property Valuations, Leases and Litigation in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

Services include legal reports, rental reports, property valuations, and standing as an expert witness, particularly in the areas within retail property rental valuation disputes.

Anthony’s energy and enthusiasm, combined with a wealth of experience in the property industry, including banking and finance, and specialising in structured finance or tax based finance, means you will only receive the best advice and expertise when dealing with SydneySide Valuations.

If you find yourself in need of a property valuation, or a property transaction has gone south then Anthony and the team at SydneySide Valuations are ready to assist.

The Brief:

Anthony already had an online space for SydneySide Valuations however it was much like a stock image; safe, boring and like a template with no personality or real branding.

Anthony requested a simple, one-page website, providing information, and presenting his firm as ‘the’ industry expert in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

The website was to flow from top to bottom, be easy to read, and result in clients, solicitors, and agents being able to contact Anthony for consultation and advice.

Through Anthony’s expertise and trusted reputation it was important to feature the many testimonials he has received from clients.

The end result is an on-brand, image driven one-page site, highlighting the beautiful Sydney city and showcasing the services and expertise of Anthony Sklavos.