Are You Ready to Cultivate?

Whether you need a new website, or you really don’t like the one you have, our process remains the same. We work towards knowing as much about your brand and your business as we can to ensure we deliver the results you require.

Just like a seedling, your business online needs certain elements to ensure its growth and success. We give you those elements as an all-in-one, complete solution:

  • Web Strategy
  • Logo & Brand Identity
  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Hosting & Support
Web Strategy
Logo and Brand Identity
Web Design
Search Engine Optimisation
Hosting & Support

From the outset we partner with your business, to create a relationship with you and your business. We tailor packages to your business to ensure your brand is set up online with everything required to aim high for your business goals. Your website needs to work 24/7 for your business.

Premium Potting Mix

Web Strategy

Getting clear on your business direction, mission and goals, creating a solid foundation for growth

Plant Selection

Logo and Brand Identity

Define your brand personality, tone of voice, and communication style; design brand assets for your brand recognition and to speak directly to your audience

Landscape Design

Web Design

Your vision is created in line with your brand identity in a beautifully curated online space

Full Sun

Search Engine Optimisation

Implementation of keyword research and strategy for your audience to find you online, monitor and analyse results

Well Watered

Hosting & Support

Premium hosting, backups, updates, security, and ongoing technical support and maintenance