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Why a Website?

Part of running a successful micro or small business includes the need for an online presence. Whether you are providing commentary, a service or a product your clients need to be able to locate you, communicate with you and shop online with you.

As with any traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ business your shop or website works for you if it’s dynamic, engaging and welcoming. Not every business is the same and so every website should align with your business model regardless of what you do, and be a connective interaction between you and your clients.

Online presence should be current, applicable, relevant and represent you and your business. Colours, logos, layouts, content and images are integral to a successful website. Video content, up to date and on trend articles along with emotive imagery provide the information your clients and visitors require to connect, contact and of course purchase from you.

You cannot rely on just creating a website to bring clients and visitors to your ‘door’, they need to learn about you, trust you and want to work with you.

As part of our service at Cultivate Your Acre we believe it’s vital to tailor a website or e-commerce shop to your specific business and so our process is in-depth, consultative and interactive with you. It’s a passion of ours to see clients succeed online, it’s such a rewarding place to generate business and to create a community.

We can design and develop:

  • everything from a simple one page site to a complex, multi page website
  • produce a perfect platform for you to showcase your portfolio
  • put together an informative and knowledge based site or
  • e-commerce/shopping cart for you to sell your products or services to your clients.

Whatever your needs we can build it for you.

We work solely with the WordPress platform; this offers such expansive, creative scope and the end result is easy, flexible and supportive for you to use once you have the site up and running. Of course we offer training with every website we create.

Talk to us today about your business direction; we not only build from scratch but also review and revise existing WordPress websites to ensure you are getting the best results for your business.

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